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Discover How to Transform A Cash Value Policy Into a Tool to Enable You To Save More, Invest More, and Build More Generational Wealth
Like Real Estate Investors, The Wealthy, and Big Corporate Executives
7:00 pm EST/ 6:00 pm CST/ 4:00 pm PST
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Join us for a special 1-hour Masterclass featuring 
Steve Parisi, Cash Value Life Insurance (CVLI) expert and advisor to the wealthy, large corporations and large banks and discover...

☑ Why it makes sense to use CVLI policy to store cash instead of your bank

☑ Key wealth-enhancing strategies to use CVLI policy loans, from college funding to creating multiple income streams

☑ Key strategies to leverage the tax benefits associated of CVLI

☑ How CVLI can be used to fund retirement income AND build a larger legacy for your family

☑ An enlightening Q&A session where you can have your burning questions answered.

“Over 12 years ago, my wife and I had purchased a few CVLI policies to create our own bank, a strategy I discovered had been used by the wealthy for decades. The policies were building cash but I had read about better results, but none of the financial advisors in my world could show me the way.

Then one day about seven years ago I met a personable, highly knowledgeable life insurance expert named Steve and after 10 minutes, Steve had answered my questions about how to drive better policy performance and laid out a number of interesting strategies. I immediately thought “this is my guy” and he proceeded to become my CVLI expert for my family, my real estate investing business, and my college financial planning business where CVLI policies are a great tool to increase financial aid for some families."

Kevin Anderson, GrowAbility Equity Managing Partner

Presented by

IBC Global Owner & Founder
Steve Parisi

Hosted by

Kevin Anderson &
Willie Wahba of


Steve Parisi has specialized in financial services and insurance since 2011, focusing on High Cash Value life insurance policies for wealthy individuals, corporations, and banks.

In 2015, Steve founded IBC Global Inc., initially operating from a garage with minimal staff. The company has since expanded to nearly 40 employees, specializing in optimizing Whole Life Insurance policies for maximum cash value and delivering top-notch client service.

While being highly dedicated to his work, Steve always spends time with his wife, Tara, and his two dogs. He also is a runner and gives priority to his volunteer work where he speaks with his neighbors about the Bible.

Kevin Anderson, co-founder and Managing Partner of GrowAbility Equity, has been investing in real estate since 2005. During that time, he initially focused on buy-and-hold rentals then transitioned to active multifamily investing/management and passive investing through multifamily syndications. Kevin has implemented various cash-flowing, tax-saving financial strategies with real estate at the core over the last decade. This approach has substantially contributed to a net worth increase of 250% over the last 4 years, enabling he and his wife the opportunity to reach financial independence faster than planned, freeing them up to travel, spend time with friends and family, and supporting their church generously, including providing college scholarships.

At GrowAbility Equity, Kevin has direct responsibility for investor relations, marketing, market analysis and administrative services.


Willie Wahba, co-founder and Managing Partner of GrowAbility Equity, has been investing in real estate since 2002. He initially began his journey in real estate by focusing on the strategy to buy, rehab, rent, refinance, and repeat, also known as “BRRRR”. He managed to complete about 50 transactions before transitioning to active and passive investing through commercial real estate assets such as apartment complexes, storage units, and mobile home parks.

At GrowAbility Equity, Willie has direct responsibility for property acquisition, capital improvement projects, asset performance analysis, and overseeing asset management.
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